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About Me

Finding a coach you can trust is critical.  Clients choose to work with me because I bring:

Breadth and Depth of Experience

  • A consultancy background means I quickly grasp the business context.  I have expertise in leading culture and behaviour change programmes.  And what it takes to make change stick.
  • I understand the commercial reality of every-day leadership.  As a business leader I gained first-hand experience of delivering change in-house, driving operational efficiencies and of line management. 
  • I have proven ability across business sectors; communications, aviation, infrastructure, fintech, creative agencies, broadcast media. 
  • I am as comfortable with FTSE 100 organisations, as with medium-sized businesses in rapid-growth.

Outcomes not interventions

  • I work hard to understand what clients are trying to achieve, often helping them to be clear on this
  • Dedicated to making a tangible difference, I am determined to deliver change that can be sustained in-house

Energy, Passion and Trustworthiness

  • My style is often described as energetic and warm, down-to earth and practical 
  • I am often told that I seem to gel with individuals and teams, that I “fit-in” 
  • Challenging yet caring, I build trust quickly and can inspire others to action
  • ​I act as a trusted advisor for clients on leadership development, behaviour and culture change


Jodi’s coaching clients describe her as compassionate and challenging.  She came to coaching after a 20-year career in management consultancy and organisation development. This gives her work a commercial edge.

Jodi established her career with Andersen Consulting (Accenture), leading change programmes for 10 years for clients such as BT, Barclays, Department for Work and Pensions and L&G. She specialised in change management, helping clients to manage the impact of change on people and culture.  

Jodi went on to join an in-house organisation effectiveness team at BAA, British Airports Authority. Here she built experience in construction-driven change (Terminal 5), re-structuring, talent management and leadership development, succession planning, performance management and employee engagement. In her time at the Football Association, Jodi shaped the CEO’s Football First culture change agenda.   

Jodi has also held senior leadership positions as HR Director, Transformation at ITV, focussing on the employee engagement aspects of the CEO’s transformation agenda and as Director of People and Change at Openreach, BT.  Here she shaped culture change and leadership programmes.  In her last two years at BT, Jodi coached selected members of the senior leadership team, the top 100.  The Openreach CEO invited Jodi to be team coach to the ExCo, which included both off-site development events and weekly attendance at ExCo meetings.   

Jodi works particularly well with leaders and teams in transition and where stakeholder relationships are complex e.g. promotion, change of leadership, re-organisation.  She helps clients to establish what success looks like and how to achieve this, enabling them to thrive at work

She is as comfortable with large group facilitation at conferences and with team coaching as she is with one-to-one coaching.  Grounded in a strong belief in the client’s capability, Jodi’s style is down-to-earth, caring, firm yet friendly. She has a solid grounding in leadership development theory, however her focus remains on practical application in the commercial context.  As a team coach, Jodi has been described as bringing “sunshine and grit”.  She reads widely on personal and team development and enjoys sharing insights with her clients.  

Education, Qualifications, Professional Memberships

  • ACC accredited coach with the ICF, International Coaching Federation 
  • EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Certificate of Coach Mentoring 
  • Accredited Hogan practitioner
  • Accredited Emotional Intelligence Profile practitioner, JCA Global
  • Member of The MoralDNA™ Academy, a collective of consultants who have worked with Roger Steare in delivering leadership and culture change programmes in client organisations
  • BA Hons Marketing and Modern Languages, First Class, University of Lancaster.

And more personally

Jodi lives in London with her husband and two teenage sons, with frequent visits from her step-daughter.  Jodi is passionate about skiing, spends more time at the theatre than she can afford and can never say no to a Karaoke night.  Her Spotify playlists comprise country music through the ages.  She reads voraciously and cannot leave a book-shop empty handed. She hails from the north-east and loves spending time in Durham with her parents, sister and niece.

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