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Liv Garfield, CEO Severn Trent and Veuve Cliquot Businesswoman of the Year, 2018

"Jodi stays focussed on the outcome we’re trying to achieve, whilst inspiring trust and belief in those around her. Jodi is a delight to work with, always positive and can do and inspires others to believe."

Louise Pedersen, CEO, All3 Media International

"Jodi has worked with us at All3 Media International as a team coach working with our Senior Leadership Team and also as a 1:1 executive coach. I have been really impressed by Jodi’s rapid understanding of the business and structure and her ability to quickly grasp what we wanted to achieve. On the 1:1 coaching side she has been discreet and highly effective . Jodi is a pleasure to work with and has achieved great results for us."

Barbara Gilleran, Head of L&D, Quantcast

“Jodi listens to her customer and takes time to understand the real challenges.  She doesn’t just want to deliver a development programme and leave. Her passion runs deep and she wants learning to translate into changed behaviours.  She made great suggestions on how to continue on after she left the building because the ongoing development of people is so important to her. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jodi and hope to do so again.”

Jo Harman, HR Director, Karmarama

“We have worked with Jodi both in large groups and in an individual coaching capacity; in both circumstances the themes were clear in that Jodi quickly identified the issues in hand and in response, got us to practical, kind and action orientated outcomes that have really made a difference to our business.”

Sue Harrington, HR Director I&C at Biffa

 “I had the pleasure of working with Jodi to deliver ITV's HR transformation and engaged her to provide team coaching when HR Director at All3Media.  Jodi's style is challenging yet supportive, brilliantly paced and always delivered with a dose of fun. Jodi is a true professional and I would highly recommend Jodi for any team coaching requirements.”  

Martin Holloway, Field Operations Director, Homeserve

“At a couple of critical points in my career, Jodi’s coaching caused me to make bolder and better decisions. I recommend her without hesitation. She caused me to ask questions of myself that I didn’t like to answer. I saw that I was over using some of my strengths, and delegating some of the wrong things. She also helped me to realise that some of the things that kept me awake at night were not worth the weight that I gave them.”

Clive Smith, Head of Leadership Development & Talent Management (Global) at Worldpay

“Jodi takes time to understand your organisation so that the support she provides really hits the mark. She is creative, knowledgeable and flexible. Jodi’s desire to do the right thing, not just “a thing”, is a mark of excellence – and why I enjoy working with her.” 

Liv Garfield, CEO Severn Trent

“Jodi is keenly aware of the operational impact of taking people off-site to take part in development programmes.  She creates programmes that are business-focussed, practical and worthwhile.  She doesn’t let people get away with a free-ride either - everyone is engaged and that includes exec sponsors, who have a part to play before, during and after.”

Kelly Macfarlane, MD Customer Service and Retail, Thames Water

"Jodi has been a hugely influential coach in my career who, rather than giving me answers, asked the right questions. One of the outcomes was to help me recognise what differentiates me and what I can bring to roles and teams. Jodi helped me to understand and define a ‘personal brand’.  This has been extremely helpful."