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Executive Coaching

I work with Senior Leaders to support them on an individual basis to achieve their full potential and effectiveness. The sessions are entirely confidential and will typically include 6 x 2 hour coaching sessions over a 6-9 month period, usually face-to-face. Most often, it will also include in-depth discovery interviews with several key stakeholders, plus feedback to the coachee maximise effectiveness.

At the outset of the coaching programme, I work with the coachee and their line manager to take a brief.  We agree a clear, shared view on what the coachee and the organisation aim to achieve from the coaching.  We revisit this “contract” at the mid-point, taking the form of a three-way meeting.  Here we discuss progress, the coachee’s experience of the coaching and agree the focus for the remaining sessions. Adjustments to the coaching contract are made as necessary.  

At the end of the coaching programme, a final three-way review takes place to review outcomes and agree what is needed to sustain and continue the development.

It can be beneficial to have coaching meetings away from the coachee’s usual work-place, although this does not work for everyone.  I coach from WeWork locations across central London, or from my WeWork office in Hammersmith, south-west London.  

Sometimes it might help to walk and talk, so coaching sessions can work on the move too.

And coaching can also be effective via video conference or over the phone, although I recommend that the first couple of sessions are face-to-face.  

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