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Team Coaching

Typically, team coaching takes place over a 12 month period, meeting quarterly. 

I always conduct thorough diagnostics to understand the underlying issues and determine the focus of the sessions. I draw on a deep understanding of the theory of High Performing Teams and bring fresh insights from the latest research into the sessions to stimulate debate and deepen thinking.

Senior Leadership teams engage me to help them to unlock their collective performance capability.  I help teams to agree their common purpose and shared goals, aligned to their strategic priorities.  We reach agreement on how the team needs to work together to achieve these goals, building trust as a critical foundation for high performance. Teams agree not only how they will behave together, “in the room”, but also out of it, including how to engage and empower the rest of the organisation to help deliver their shared goals. 

As a team coach I have been described as having “sunshine and grit”.  I establish trust quickly and get to work fast.  I know that the time of senior execs is precious and the time they spend together is even more so; it would be a travesty to waste it.  I hold the group to account and challenge them to make firm commitments, not vague intents.  

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