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Drop-in Coaching Days

I am passionate about coaching and the transformational impact it can have on people’s performance at work and on their enjoyment of work.  Yet one-to-one coaching is usually the preserve of senior executives.  I developed Drop-In Coaching days to give colleagues at any career level the opportunity to access the skills of an experienced executive coach at an affordable price-point for the business.   

Colleagues sign up to a one-hour time-slot during which they can be coached on any topic that they feel is getting in the way of them being more successful and happy at work.  The sessions are entirely confidential and the coachee decides the topic.  Topics can range from: navigating a difficult relationship with a manager/peer/customer, thinking through the next career move, a specific business problem or how to better balance life in and outside of work. 

Up to 6 x 1 hour coaching slots can be offered in one day.

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