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Leadership Development

I have designed and delivered global leadership progammes for leaders at all levels and I believe passionately that development must be sustainable. Whilst I definitely bring a sense of fun into my programmes, I am not a fan of “entertrainment” i.e. an enjoyable enough experience on the day but little in the way of sustainable change.  I am keenly aware that time spent in the classroom is time away from growing the business, delivering for customers and creating shareholder value.  Participants need to engage and take away something meaningful and immediately actionable.

The leadership programmes I create are bespoke to each client.  Some clients need one-day point interventions as part of a wider client development offering e.g. Know and Maximise Your Strengths, Leading Through Change, Every Day Coaching for Managers.  Others need to create a full programme comprising multiple 2-3-day modules that take place over the course of 12 months.  

I work with clients who understand that true development does not take place in the bubble of a classroom.  I co-design programmes with clients that draw on my 10 years of leading change with Accenture.  This means shaping a programme that includes exec sponsorship and role modelling; communication and engagement; embed and sustain activities; as well as high quality learning interventions. 

My facilitation style is energetic and warm.  I build trust in the room very quickly and participants are encouraged to make good use of their time away from the desk, and to focus on what is going to be different when they get back to the day job. 

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